Carpet, Area Rug and Fine Rug Cleaning

Carpet, Area Rug and Fine Rug Cleaning


“The Basics”

1) When cleaning either carpet, area rugs, or fine rugs, we start the process with a thorough vacuuming, using a Carpet and Rug Institute-approved vacuum with HEPA filters.  In the case of area rugs and fine rugs, we vacuum in all four directions, to fully loosen trapped dirt.  In the case of fine rugs, we also flip the rug over and vacuum the rug from the back, because dirt can become trapped there.

2) During the cleaning process, light furniture is moved and replaced, to be able to clean underneath it.  When it is replaced, we place protective plastic sheets or foam blocks under the furniture, to protect both the furniture and the carpet or rug during any remaining drying time.

3) Carpets and area rugs other than fine rugs will be pre-sprayed before cleaning, and then they will be what is called “groomed,” which raises the nap.  These actions suspend the dirt that has been loosened within the carpet, so it can be removed by the cleaning process.

4) Carpets and area rugs other than fine rugs will have stains pre-spotted with special stain-removers before the cleaning process, to give them the best chance of coming completely clean.

Carpets and Area Rugs (other than fine rugs)

These floor coverings are cleaned using our truck-mounted steam cleaning system, after the preparations discussed above.  This will remove the suspended soil and complete the “grooming” of the carpet or rug, so the nap returns to its fullest height.  Additional drying passes are done, to minimize drying time.  Rugs are rotated, to ensure proper wear.  Once dry (normally within 2 – 4 hours), the carpet or rug will feel soft and free from any soap residue.

Fine Rugs

These rugs require hand-cleaning.  We apply a special, gentle cleaning foam to the rug, in circular motions.  This suspends the dirt within the rug that has been loosened by vacuuming, and takes the place of step “3),” in “The Basics,” above.  The rug is then cleaned, using very low pressure and no heat, to extract the suspended dirt.  We then use a white-towel extraction method to help ensure that the rug gets completely clean, and to help dry it.  Last, we set up air movers to continue the drying process, so that there is the best chance that the rug is completely dry when we are done.


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