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Product Info


I have done through research and have tried many different cleaning agents to be able to provide my clients with the safest and best products on the market today.  Axiom Clean is the pre-spray that I chose to use in my client’s homes.  It is a product manufactured by PROCHEM that has proven cleaning performance.  Utilizing the latest in polymer technology, it provides superior cleaning ability and doesn’t  leave a sticky residue behind.  It is biodegradable, butyl-free, phosphate-free, and VOC compliant. It removes oily and greasy soils from traffic lanes and spots.  It has a very mild PH and is safe for all types of carpet including wool and stain-resistant nylon.  There should be no worry when applying these cleaning agents to the textiles in your home. They will leave them soft and free of any soap residue once the surfaces are dry.

For my commercial clients, I use a product called Grease-Eraser manufactured by Chemisters. It has been trusted by flooring professionals for over 30 years.  It is an emulsifing degreaser that contains no butyl, d-Limoene, or other solvents of any kind. There should be no worries of delamination or of the glue breaking down on a direct glue down carpet because this product contains no solvents. It is the best non-toxic pre-spray that I have found to break down greasy, oily, commercial carpet.  It continuously gives outstanding cleaning performance.  Buckeye International is the company I use to find the best products when cleaning tile and grout and stripping and waxing floors.  Their products meet GREEN SEAL environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound content. I have always believed in using green cleaning agents to ensure the safety of my client’s surroundings.  There is a much higher cost in these products, but you just can’t put a cost on someone’s health just to put an extra dollar in my pocket. If you wish to obtain further information on these products you can visit the company’s websites:

Axiom Clean (


Buckeye International (


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